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Stratus Experts is a recognized global NAKISA partner for companies seeking to comply with IFRS16 standards. Our Cloud offering provides a fast deployment, knowledge and expertise,  with a reduce TCO.


For companies that are in a process of organizational transformation and require leverage real time metrics, assess talent, gaps and future states and model multiple scenario, Stratus Experts offers  Hanelly by Nakisa, a cloud base HR solution for organizational design, charts and HR analytics, that allow companies understand their organization, in order to make strategic decision making. 


Ours Services


Our services offerings include preplanning services, a comprehensive array of implementation services, customer support, and some of the best training on the market. By tailoring each service to fit your business needs, we commit to getting your solutions deployed quickly, accurately and to keep them running smoothly – exactly the way you imagined it.

Through our business consulting services we help our customers align their strategic objectives with operations to achieve excellence in performance. 

Process Reengineering

Strategic analysis, planning and implementation of enhanced processes

Nakisa Lease Administration and Hanelly Implementation

Considers the actions that define the company’s project mission setting goals and developing specific actions that are required to attain them. Our vision is focused that the team work   guaranteeing that the members of the organization work towards the same goals to assess and adjust the company’s direction in response to a changing environment.

Return on investment analysis

Offers insight to decision makers to analyze investment potential comparing the amount of the investment with the expected profits 


Complete Customer Service and Technical Support for the Solutions that 

drive your Business.

We create innovative, robust enterprise solutions and back them up with customer service and technical support, designed to help keep your business running optimally. With a dedicated Support team, we’re committed to provide you with the highest level of support services available on the market. Our highly trained and knowledgeable technical analysts and IT specialists collaborate with multiple internal teams to ensure a complete satisfactory experience, resolving your production issues in a timely fashion and assisting with future enhancements.


Assess and plans the change process to assure that the change is introduced in the most efficient manner, according to procedures, assuring process quality and continuity. The main reasons to implement changes in the organizations are:

  • Solution of known issues in some of the key processes of the organization.

  • Development of new services.

  • Improving existing services.