Average Org Chart tools provide you with a mere snapshot of your company’s structure. HANELLY Organizational Visualization is designed to help drive employee engagement, increase productivity, and foster collaboration, recognition and peer-to peer networking functionalities.

As your company grows, plan ahead by leveraging HANELLY™’s suite of solutions to accelerate organizational transformation and M&A processes to save costs and increase ROI.


  • View the state of your organization with up to date, real-time, data including ratios and metrics that are fully integrated with your HCM core solution.

  • Foster collaboration with an integrated intuitive platform that replaces manual processes and tools.

  • Visualize Organization Chart analytics such as, span of control, headcount, layers in the organization, and many other metrics to understand the current reality of your organization.

  • Enable stakeholders to visualize and compare data to measure the impact of any organizational changes in real-time.

  • Engage your employees by allowing them to recognize people, network with their peers, share their skills and education, and view of where they fit in the organization.

Integrate all your data seamlessly

HANELLYTM Organizational Visualization easily integrates with your HCM core solution, enabling you to audit data, identify data errors, and securely write-back of changes to your HCM core solution.

View real-time data from different angles Create, model and write-back organizational scenarios, set KPIs and targets, consult analytics, and assign modeling scenarios to other users to predict the impact of change.