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Organizational Alignment, Smarter. 

HANELLY  is an intuitive talent integration and analytics solution that combines data from multiple core Human Capital Management solutions (SAP ECC, Success Factors, and other major HCM solutions) then enables business and HR leaders to perform organizational modeling and view talent analytics, to significantly accelerate the transformation process. Talent information from any source can be easily normalized using customizable automation features. All changes that are made are tracked and can be pushed back to your HCM core solution. This is done without the use of multiple solutions or the significant manual data entry involved with modeling and analyzing organizational data.


  • Create a Baseline of your organizational data quickly and easily. Build an initial view, clarify goals, set business unit goals, and empower leaders by providing a clear understanding of the current state of their organization.

  • Analyze your current state HR metrics and create multiple views to assess risks and identify opportunities.

  • Improve communications to share and Align talent to company strategy, and agree on relevant targets for re-organization throughout the entire transformation process.

  • Identify, isolate and address talent concerns by Building scenarios in a highly visual environment which provides clarity and transparency. Confidentially share models with stakeholders to get feedback and drive a quick approval process.

  • Implement scenarios into your HCM core solution using our seamless write back simplifying processes, cutting down time, and accurately assembling and visualizing data, reducing productivity costs and increasing speed to ROI of proposed changes.

HANELLY is the intuitive organizational design and analytics solution for the enterprise in transformation

Perform Large-scale Organizational Easy Scenario Building Re-engineering and leverage data 

Directly from you HCM core solution to execute large-scale organizational change, set KPIs, consult dashboards, view in-org-chart analytics and share modeling scenarios with other users with appropriate access

Improve effectiveness of individual business units

With modeling and re-organization functionality on a business unit level, enabling unit leaders to redefine targets, view dashboards and consult in-org-chart analytics appropriate to their access. Users can create and send models for approval prior to committing changes to the HCM core solution

Improve data quality and increase accuracy with data integration, and data auditing that clearly identifies errors in your HCM core solution data combined with safe and secure write-back of changes to your HCM core.

Improve data quality and increase accuracy

With data integration, and data auditing that clearly identifies errors in your HCM core solution data combined with safe and secure write-back of changes to your HCM core

Easily assess organizational health and quickly identify opportunities and risks 

View critical talent data in highly visual dashboards that dynamically update based on robust filtering options empowering stakeholders to view the organization from multiple perspectives

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